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Off body concealed carry - there's always a hue and and a cry when someone professes to prefer it. Grunts: hue and a cry. It wouldn't be our first choice either, but we'd rather the females in our lives carried a gun in their purse (and trained with it from there) than not at all. Anyway, you guys know we like redheads. Today we've set a dangerous precedent; we've provided a pulpit by which one off-body CCW redhead can evangelize. This guest op-ed comes courtesy of Ashley Flanary. She's going to explain her methodology and why she carries the way she does. Mad Duo

Fight Like a Girl: One Woman’s Take on Concealed Carry
Recently I have had a steady stream of new woman gun owners ask me about carrying concealed in a purse. I am still gaining my proficiency with this system, but I felt that I should write something to offer insight into why it works for me. I’m not former military, LEO or anything special at all. I’m simply a woman that carries a loaded handgun for personal protection.

Why do I purse carry? I have never lost a purse or had one stolen. Whenever I leave my house my purse becomes an extension of me, an extension that is never left behind (or unattended). It’s been like that since I was 16 and in my prime for irresponsibility. When I first began carrying concealed I allowed the naysayers to get to me and cloud my judgment. I read article after article preaching that you should always carry on your person. So I tried that, but as much as I like to wear impractical shoes, I like wearing dresses and skinny jeans more. Women’s body shape and choice of fashion is generally not readily compatible with concealed carry. For the sake of fashion, I often left my handgun at home.

It took my watching of a horrific newscast, where a local college aged girl was viciously attacked, to make me realize I had to find a solution. I would rather have my handgun in my purse than not with me at all. The more comfortable I became with carrying concealed and the more I considered purse carrying, the more I knew it was for me. Without this mode of carry, I would require a smaller gun, which in turn frequently means a less effective gun. Not a compromise that I would make.

A Glock 23 is my daily carry. Of all the weapons I have tried, it is the weapon I am most comfortable and effective with. Unfortunately, it prints too much on my clothing, and would require the need to change between a belly band, IWB, thigh, and ankle holster to accommodate my wardrobe. This many different carry methods would be complicated and less efficient.

I could instead have my gun in my purse every time, creating a system for me that does not fluctuate according to what I am wearing. Day in and day out, regardless if I’m at the mall or at the movies with my friends, it’s exactly in the same place. Early in our relationship, my boyfriend would only walk down city streets allowing me to hold his left hand. It confused me, but now I know that it was so I could never impede his right hand draw.

For this same reason, I always carry my purse on the left shoulder. If I feel threatened, I can slip my little sandwich maker onto the grip and have the gun ready to draw. If necessary, I can even fire from inside the purse. The purse also has the added benefit of enabling me to carry at least one extra magazine as well as a spare mag for my boyfriend if he starts feeling lazy.

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