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I ordered a few spare parts for my SCAR 16 last year. But one last part I wanted was a new recoil spring assembly. The assembly is made of 3 parts, 1 of which always seems to be out of stock. And honestly, I'm not sure how to disassemble the thing and just replace the spring.

FINALLY, Midwest Gun Works had the entire assembly back in stock. So, snagged one. It's like $49 with the $7 shipping. Now, I have an extra complete piston assembly, an extra firing pin, and now the recoil spring assembly. 3 of the most likely parts I might wish I had a spare for one day.

I have a ton of extra Beretta springs and parts. Just like to keep stuff on hand.

An extra complete bolt would be cool, but that's like $262 for a complete one. I'm good... Just these 3 parts are worth like $150.
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