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I must of went to 8 gun shows and didnt even find one within all the tables I looked but fortunately a local range had one for sale at a decent price. I had to sell one of my guns to buy it but I think its worth it.
This will be my new carry piece and I look forward to having this on my side as opposed to my 92FS which is still a very good gun but I wanted something lighter plus I like having just the decocker without the safety.I know some of newer models have the manual safety but prefer them without...just my opinion though. Anyway,I havent had a chance to try it at the range...unfortunately everyone and their mama was waiting to shoot on a Saturday with a wait of 2 hours so I'll go later during the week for sure.
But since I have been lurking here and reading all the great posts about this gun,just wanted to thank everyone for their reviews and for helping my decision (amongst many) an easier one.Glad to now be part of the FN family...just need a new holster and I am set to go.
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