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Well I finally got to the range today. Took 3 new guns, one of which was my PS90 TriRail. WHAT A GREAT GUN!!!! :D

I still don't have an optic on it but wanted to test it out. Took it to an indoor range and shot no further than 15 yards (again, with no sights). Shot 200 rounds with no FTEs/FTFs or hiccups of any kind.

For now I'm planning on using the free C-More sight (once I get it). I had an EOTECH and loved it but sold it when I sold my Colt AR15s. I don't want to spend any money right now since I just stocked up on ammo so the C-More will have to do.

I just love the PS90. So much so that I've decided to sell my Five Seven and am picking up my second PS90 Tuesday.

As soon as I have both PS90s I'll take pictures and post them. I'll also post pictures of my targets once I get some optics on the rifles and can shoot for accuracy (not that these old eyes are accurate anymore). :roll:
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