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Finally...My Five Seven Arrives!

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Over the last few years I have always toyed with the idea of buying a Five Seven or PS90. The questionable terminal effects of the 5.7 round always kept me on the fence. I'm actually still on the fence about that, but decided I could live with not being sure about it. I figure if it is good enough for the Secret Service, it is good enough for me.

Traditionally I have always been a rifle guy. I live in South Florida and I can buy all the Class III goodies I can afford. When I moved here 4 years ago the first thing i did was buy a few Suppressors and an a few SBRs.

For some reason the last year or two I have largely been buying S&W revolvers. I recently decided it was time for a little change and it was time to get a new semi-auto pistol. I have bought and sold dozens and dozens of semi auto pistols over the years and have sold most of them off. I decided that with modern bonded ammo, 9mm is more than sufficient for a defensive pistol. So I have sold off all my other calibers in semi-auto pistols, except for my custom 22lr pistols. I basically have a few 9mm Glocks and several custom 22lr pistols. And dozens of revolvers! I have mainly been carrying my revolvers the last two years on a daily basis. Some pretty big and heavy ones too for that matter.

Anyway, I decided it was time to buy a new and interesting semi-auto pistol. The Five Seven fit the bill perfectly. I'm very excited about my choice and the interesting new(er) caliber it shoots. The case American Eagle 5.7 plinking ammo I ordered last week will arrive Friday and I will hit the range to wring it out. I already have received my defensive ammo for the gun (SS198LF) and I have ordered a few holsters, one of which will arrive Friday as well. If all goes well, by Friday night I will be carrying this bad boy instead of one of my very heavy big bore S&W revolvers. I'm carrying a 627 Performance Center 2.6" 8-shot 357 today.

Here are a couple of pics of my Five Seven that showed up today :) A range report will be forthcoming.

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