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Finally shot mine

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PS90 TR w/ trijicon reflex II 4.5 dot sight, precleaned and lubed w/ Breakfree. left in car trunk overnight -5 F
3/18/07 2:00 pm afternoon temp 22F wind calm, sky clear , fired 200 rds. ss195 w/2 different mags- no malfunctions of any kind, pleasant surprise(?). accuracy 1 1/2-2 in. 50 yds. / 3 in. 100 yds. Of course, I was hoping for moa groups (Ha,Ha), however, while fast close-in , a 1x dot isn't conducive to precision shooting on paper at the farther ranges. So I'm going to try the 1x triangle reticle next time, and for kicks and giggles, a 20X scope at 100 yds. to see what it may be truly (?) capable of, with some ss197 (which some of you have said is more accurate), just to satisfy my own curiosity, even though I know this was never meant to be a sniper and seems to do just fine for what IT IS. May also try some skateboard tape on the gripping surfaces(?). would like to eventually put on tac light/laser combo like streamlight's but would prefer some kind of in-line w/bore o/u(?) mount rather than on the side as that seems kinda catchy/bulky.
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At 50 yards, I've gotten 1/2" groups to 3/4" inches. But that's my best. I can't do it everytime. The hardest part is the trigger.

At 100 yards, I don't do too well - so your group size ain't that bad. But for me, it's my eyesight that's limiting me I think. A football field is damn far to be shooting across with no magnification.

I am very curious what size groups U get if U do try a magnified scope. Let us know please.
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