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Firing Out of Battery

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Well, it took me a while, but I finally did join 'that other site'. I don't post but I do sort of lurk around and read.
I don't know if any of ya'll are members over there or not, but there is a member there who posted a thread about a 5.7 that blew up in his hand because it fired out of battery! I pulled the magazine from mine and inserted an empty and tested my own personal weapon. It fired a full 1/4 inch out of battery!
I'm sorry ya'll but that scares me. I'm using this as a duty weapon and now I find this out? I never would have thought it unless I tested it.
He went on about how FN never really got back to him and he feels like they just wished he would go away, or else they just forgot about him. I can't imagine I would forget a customer whose gun blew up in their hand!
He did say that he was shooting reloads, and normally I would have jumped all over that as I know a lot of reloaders who tend to 'hotload'. But firing out of battery has nothing to do with the load charge. That's purely mechanical, and in this case, poor design.
Just kowing that mine COULD fire a full 1/4 inch out of battery has me to the point that I'm switching holsters today and putting my Glock back into service.
I can't believe that I bought a $900 'target pistol'. :cry:
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I know whom you are speaking of. He joined here and may post his story here (he and I have been in contact via e-mail).

Personally - I would not worry about it. He was using reloads. Hence, why FN will not warranty the gun. How many kabooms have you heard of with a Five Seven? The gun has been out for years. ZERO with factory ammunition.

Whatever the issue with his reloads (there could be many) - I wouldn't worry about it as long as U use factory ammo. Yet another reason not to use reloads.

After I blew up a Glock 17 in 1995, I NEVER shoot ANY reloads or remanufacturered ammo...
There are thousands of these out there - I think the issue is overblown. The gun has been around a long time...
Well, follow that new thread too - the one with the photos here - there are some knowledgable people responding there as well.

I personally didn't think it was a real issue before. And after readings ome of the responses here and on the other thread, now I think it is a non issue as long as U don't reload.

But anyway - let us know - I know U want piece of mind...
chutestrate said:
I found this post after I sent an email to FN's customer service last week for the same concern. I tinker with new guns, and found what Erica_the_Red posted about. Yesterday I recieved a call from FN, wish I could remember the gentleman's name, and he explained the inner workings of the firing pin. I am convinced that firing out of battery is impossible.

Lots of good info from knowledgeable shooters.
Good to know!
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