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First AR build!

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Hey everyone,

So I finally am almost finished building my AR. This is my second one, but after this will definitely be building my next one as well (SBR). Started about 3 months ago and now just waiting on my finally two parts (BCG and Buffer Tube Assembly) to ge there Friday so that I can put her all together this weekend.

So now onto the Part List!
Aero Precision Upper
Aero Precision Lower
Aero Precision BCG
Daniel Defense 16in 1:7 twist LW barrel
MidwestInsdustries 15in Gen 2 SS series rails
SilencerCo Saker Flash sider (SilencerCo Saker 556/762 soon to come to be used on this and my Scar17 >:] )
CMMG Lower Parts kit (Will probably be upgrading to a Geiselle trigger soon due to the one on my Scar being amazing and I feel the AR triggers would be the same)
MagPul 1.1 MIAD Pistol Grip
Spikes Tactical Punisher/American Flag ejection port cover
Vortex Optics Viper PST

Soon to come:
Midwest Industries SS rail covers
BCM Short Vertical Grip
SilencerCo Saker 556
Griffin Armament angled backup iron sights
Inforce WML

And now onto the pictures! Dont have any of when all the parts were black, because of course since it was my first build it may as well also been my first paint job as well (RustOleum and Krylon rattlecan):

Gun Firearm Trigger Airsoft gun Gun barrel
Gun Firearm Rifle Trigger Assault rifle
Gun Firearm Trigger Airsoft gun Gun accessory

The first thing I painted was that PMAG in the picture with the stock next to it for a color comparision. Once I was satisfied with it I moved onto the lower, and then got wild and did everything. Once it was all painted I looked at it, became unsatisfied, and then went on to add the brown and darker tan colors with the mesh bag to come out with the finished product of the full rifle mock up. Im now debating if I want to spray my optic mount or not. I think I might.

I cant wait to finish her up this weekend and get rounds through her. Hopefully going to be getting my membership to one of the local outdoor clubs in my town that has a 300yd range to take this and the Scar17 too. Not far enough to really push the Scar, but enough to have fun with both :)
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Thank you! And yeah I've heard that from many people and have discovered it to be true, not even finished this build and I'm already planning out and pricing a 11.5in 300BLK build.. and an extra 14.5in upper for the lower as well... :th_049:
Thank you! Last two pieces came in today, so I'll be putting her all together tomorrow!

And then hopefully will be putting rounds through her sunday!
And the build is finished!
Firearm Gun Rifle Assault rifle Trigger
Firearm Gun Trigger Rifle Assault rifle
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