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I was looking for a new summer time type EDC that is small and light that did not feel like a plastic toy gun.
I had a Glock 43X from day one I was not to crazy the way the trigger felt it was spongy.
I upgraded many parts in it trying get a good trigger feel what I did helped it but not what I wanted.
I traded for a CZ75D PCR I like CZ's this became my winter EDC.

I still needed a good summer EDC as soon I pulled the trigger on a FN503 I knew I found my gun I been looking for.

The only thing I am concerned me when I cycle the slide to put one in the chamber and drop the magazine it strips 2 rounds one be in the chamber and drop the Mag a round will drop out mag well at same time.
I reload that round and one more round into the magazine then put this Magazine back into the Mag well if cycle the slide it feeds fine.
But I have noticed unless the slide not going forward at full force the slide will not go all the way forward it hang up about 1/4 before full forward but just push it forward by hand go's all the way forward no problem.
This with hollow points I assumed after break in this FN503 will function fine.
I have couple other brands of Semi Auto hand guns but never seen one do this before.
I did take back where I purchased from the FN cycle perfect with FMJ.
So I do thing it the Hollow tips.
Hornaday, and Spear both doing the same.
But cycles fine with FMJ.
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