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I'm in love.... no really this is one solid firearm. I smirked at all the post raving about how well tuned the FN's claimed to be. Thinking, really? how much better could they be than the competition of the same price range? NOW, I'm one of them. Short range visit this morning, but I squeaked in a quick visit. Only shot 150 rounds, but a flawless visit is was.

Question: about break-in. Search result's returned many opinions. And I have no intention of making this thread about gun break-in... but...

I shot 150 rounds of Winchester NATO 124gr FMJ in the virgin FNS9 today. I'm fairly confident that although the spring is somewhat stiff, I don't need to continue hot loads. I'd be willing to switch to 115gr on my next visit. I have a poop load of Herter's Select grade brass case, and I don't think I would have any issues with FTF, FTE or similar changing over. Anyone use this ammo combo?

Off to break this thing down and clean it up some.

Happy Friday All!
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