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First time out with the FNP-45

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Took my new matte black FNP45 to the range today with a variety of ammo: WWB, CCI BB, and Winchester SXZ (BassPro exclusive?? SWC bullet). All were 230 gr. Roughly 370 rounds were fired between 4 shooters.

The good:
Very light recoil for a .45. While my experience with 45's is limited, this easily was the lightest shooting pistol in this caliber I've tried. I found it easier to rapid fire the FN with all "kill shots" vs my Glock 19 (which I have over 3K rounds of experience with) Better grouping, faster to shoot.

Accuracy-wise, the FN is amazing. All four of us was pretty shocked at how accurate this thing was right out of the case.

The Bad:
We experienced multiple FTF whenever the mags were loaded to 10 rounds. The vast majority of this was using the WWB ammo. When limiting to only 5 rounds, we only experienced 2-3 FTF, again using WWB. (The WWB were not all purchased at the same time, nor place)

When the mags are loaded, you can actually see the bullets lodged in the mags and not feeding to the top. I saved some ammo and will take and post pics. I'll stip down the mags tonight and look for any burrs inside the mags.

I also experienced 3 slide lock failures when empty. I don't have my thumbs anywhere near the slide release button. I assume it's due to too much spring tension.

We also had multiple brass empties to the face. Again, as mentioned here, was probably due to the high slide spring tension.

All-in-all, I really like this pistol. But until I can figure out the mag/ammo problem, it's not gonna replace the Glock at the night stand.
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I only have about 200 rounds through mine (normal black on black model, 14 round mags), but have had no problems to speak of with Winchester White Box round nose, Winchester SilverTip JHPs, Blazer Brass, or Remington UMC. No failures to feed, fire, or eject... only one mag failed to lock the slide back in the first 50, and was fine after that. I make sure the magazines are rotated each reload, so they're all getting used.
I just thought... you guys say the problem occurs when you're loading the WWBs? Maybe I didn't/don't have that problem because I use an UPLula magazine loader. Are you guys loading by hand? I picked mine up the day I brought the gun home... right after I loaded that first magazine to capacity. I think my exact words were "f*** this, I'm going to Cabelas".
Sure. I'd do it now if I didn't have my cameras locked in my work case. I'll pull one apart tomorrow.
I'm getting a measurement of about ¾" from the top of the follower to the bottom of the "skirt" (by the way, I did know exactly what you were talking about).

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mhgsx said:
raggededge, thank you for your help.

I just measured mine and they are 5/8" from the bottom edge to the tops, both sides.

I still find it interesting that most of my problems lie with the WWB. While I didn't take calipers to it, they look pretty close to the CCI BB I was using. I'd say the bullet nose of the WWB is a bit more rounded/bulbous and the BB, while round nosed, looked to taper more sharply.

Does anyone know if the guide rod is designed to be taken apart? It looks like a 2-piece deal. I'd like to try different recoil springs.
You're welcome. Oddly, I had a slight problem loading Blazer Brass on my second range trip. I could only get 13 rounds in the magazine, although all 13 fed and fired just fine. I marked the mag, cleaned it when I got home, and was able to get all 14 in after that. Still not real sure why it was binding, though.
Sorry, that's my aluminum work case for my cameras.
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