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Five Seven multiple baffles strikes

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Wanted to see if I can get any help figuring this out. I have had 2 baffles strikes with my five seven(s). I am running a silencerco sparrow , jarvis mk2 threaded barrel, tornado tech 10x1-1/2x28 adapter and ss197 ammo.
After the first strike I sent the can back to sico they recored it and sent it back good as new. I assumed that it had come loose the first time so the second time at the range I made sure that it was tight the whole time I was shooting it.
What I do notice is that the ss197 ammo is ALL over the place I would get a hot load, then a mild load then one so light it would not even cycle the slide then super hot load again. I saw a keyhole in the target and sure enough I had another baffle strike. I opened the can and lead flakes,dust came out. I had a strike with a mk2 with the jarvis and then a usg with the same barrel. Is the ammo (maybe a bad lot?) the culprit?, the barrel? the adapter? maybe a issue running a mk2 cut barrel in a USG (mind the first strike was in a mk2)? Did loose lead create FOD in the path of the bullet? Any thought or insight would be helpful as I am hesitant to run anymore ss197 or my other cans on my 57s and ps90
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I would be willing to bet it is that tornado tech adapter. Buy yourself a sico or TROS adapter and see if it continues I really doubt the Jarvis or the specter are non concentric. I used my sparrow with mine and the TROS adapter and its perfect, plus its the cheapest part to test out!

Also how did you use the same barrel on the mk II and the USG, I thought they were different?

ETA: I just went shooting unsuppressed this weekend and noticed the ss197 was awesome, I had 50rds of AE and that crap was all over the map the ss197 was solid and consistent. I personally will continue to shoot ss197 suppressed on both platforms
I will try that. I was suppose to have a TROS adapter but it was lost by USPS. I am going to give SiCo a call tomorrow to see if I can get my sparrow fixed and Ill ask them their thoughts
Jarvis apparently mills the 'notch' in the USG and mk2 barrel which allows it to work in the USG and mk2 but to be fair I had a strike in a mk2 and usg. The mk2 barrel in the USG may account for all the stoppages I saw with ss197 maybe

Can you provide me with the date stamp of the ammo you used. I was using '13' and most of my '06' stuff seems to be much more uniform
Tornado Technologies does good work but bad adapters can always show up. We had a run of adapters from a well known company and several of them were not concentric however we sell thousands of them so over all have a handful that were bad is actually not a bad ratio. However it sucks to get the one bad one.

OP I would start with a new adapter and then if you get another strike it is either the ammo or the barrel.
Yes thanks. SiCo is taking care of me again but I am going to pick up one of there FN adapters and start there. I would hate to think the barrel is non concentric but it could happen
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Did you check for concentricity through the barrel with everything mounted?
I will drop a rod through when I get a chance. I never check pistol barrel concentricity . Maybe its time to start doing it for everything
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Never check for ------ concentricity? That is asking for a baffle strike and sounds like bad form. I checked my efk FN 57 barrel and had no issues. Don't use a rod. They are never really straight unless it is one of those expensive ones specific for checking for concentricity.. Sight down the barrel with your mark one and see if you see apparent baffles. If not, then check for crescent moons by holding up to a light source. Helps to rotate it too. I did for my ruger SR22 pistol and looked great. But then found it keyholes which is a whole nother issue that I need to get ahold of ruger to resolve.
I never check with a high precision tool. I normal just look through and not see any baffles and say GTG. I have a 22cal precision suppressor rod that I guess I will use to check when I pick up a new adapter. I am certain *almost* that this is a ammo or bullet destabilization issue rather than concentricity but who knows guess I will only know when I start shooting again
No you don't, I have quite a few suppressors and even more hosts and have never used an alignment rod. Only had 1 issue and that was with a can coming lose on a ruger and ruger is known for non-concentricity. I visually inspect them and they are great.

Do you even shoot suppressed?

I only will check my rifles that I install new muzzle devices with. Pistol barrels just a quick check looking through. I think checking for alignment is really not necessary if you buy quality things. ex I would not worry about a noveske barrels threads and a siCo thread on can ...
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Got my sparrow back from FN. I ended up shooting ss197 without the can w/factory barrel and got fail to feeds/FTE, then put the jarvis on also got failure to feeds/FTE, I then used a FN adapter and shot with the can on, got another baffle strike. Decided to run the can on my ps90 since it was already f'd , got another strike. Looks like the SS197 I have is junk . Ill call Fn tomorrow but I have a feeling they wont do anything for the 5k of ss197 I have
Wonder if if you would have same issue with a larger diameter can- say a 9mm can. I normally shoot my five seven with a tirant 9
Thanks brother. Just really bums me out that I cannot use my sparrow on my 57s
Think ill just trash the whole suppressed setups and only run without a can untill I can figure out the ammo situation
Mixed lots. I should had keep the boxes in heinsight. Here are a few from the rounds that I pull from
Kmow for sure 13 was the headstamp on all the ss197 that gives me grief
Just as a side note all the 06 I have has functioned 100%
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