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This is for all those people out there that say the 5.7x28mm round fired from a Fiveseven 4.8" Barrel is the same as a .22mag. Now there is data for a .22mag shot out of a PISTOL.
NOTE: the .22mag never even gets close to 2000fps even in a longer barrel

----- .22 MAG FIRED FROM PISTOL -----
Ammunition Weight Ruger 7.2" Taurus 5"
Winchester Supreme JHP 34gr 1506 1563
CCI Maxi-Mag TNT 30gr 1519 1542
CCI Maxi-Mag +V 30gr 1516 1596
Winchester Dynapoint 45gr 1105 1204
PMC Predator JHP 40gr 1215 1280
Federal Game-Shok JHP 50gr 1035 1085

----- 5.7X28MM FIRED FROM 4.8" PISTOL -----
Ammunition Weight FN FiveseveN 4.8"
SS190 FMJ 32gr 2100 fps
SS191 FMJ 32gr 2100 fps
SS192 JHP 28gr 2100 fps
T194 JHP 28gr 2100 fps
SS195 JHP 28gr 2100 fps
SS196 VMAX 40gr 1550 fps
SS197 VMAX 40gr 1675 fps

Note that a comparable in wieght .22mag shot out of a pistol is no where near the two 5.7 rounds(SS195 and SS197) that are currently available to civilians.
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