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I was speaking with one of the FN reps yesterday regarding an unrelated topic concerning the SCAR, and he happened to mention that the Marines were looking at it for quite some time. Well, he followed up by saying that they had actually issued a solicitation and subsequently ended up awarding a contract to FN for the SCAR-L and SCAR-H models. I have no idea how many rifles they want or what they're intending to replace with them. Can anyone confirm this? Out of respect for the rep, I'll keep his name off here. However, I've gotten nothing but credible info from him in the past, so that alone kind of leads me to believe there is some truth to this statement. If anyone has any info regarding this, or would like to share anything, please feel free. I'm not trying to stir up the rumor mill, but I thought you guys might find this a bit interesting.



Edit to add: This was not for the IAR trials. FN did submit a variation of the SCAR for that, but this was a seperate solicitation.
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