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FN ECP flash hider

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Are these sold commercially? Where can I get one for the 17?

UPDATE: instead of started and new Thread, I updated this one. I have a new question regarding the ECP flash hiders.

I was was able to locate an ECP flash hider for my 17 and need some install advice. I couldn't really find much info with the search on the FH
1. Any shims or jam nuts required?
2. Is indexing required? Should one of the prongs be in a specific location?
3. What torque spec should be applied to the FH?
4. Is rocksett requires?
5. If rocksett is used, what to use to clean the threads before applying rocksett
6. Any other tips

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As I was looking this up I stumbled across this photo.. Wow
That's one of my new favorite pics!
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