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hello, new to the page and new as an owner of an FN - I purchased a FNX45T - I'm interested in trigger work - sidebar - I'm a competitive shooter and i'm not trying to make this my 2011. I am interested in cleaning up the travel on SA and shorten the travel on the reset
i realize this is a "military type" setup and I love this pistol - however I'd like to clean up the action - any help and thoughts would be appreciated
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Since MK3 firearms no longer does trigger work on FN pistols, your only ticket might be Bill Springfield, although he is hit or miss. He's done decent work on my USP match trigger, but I have also read reviews of him being not so stellar. YMMV.

And welcome in!
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I last communicated with that smith in Las Vegas a month ago. Seems that Browning HPs are keeping him very busy, but he has no interest in revisiting the FNX until he catches up which seems like 2 years. I'm wanting to also clean up the trigger on mine meaning removing as much pre travel, lightening the pull to around 3 lbs and minimizing the reset as well. Bruce Gray was able to clean up my USP Exp45 many years ago and did a stellar job. Unfortunately, they're too busy working on Sigs. If anyone has leads, do share please. In as much as I'd like to keep this as a working gun I would'nt mind subbing it in as a 3 gun blaster from time to time.

According to Kevin at MK3 I was his last FNX 45. He never mentioned anything about the BHPs. Seemed he was busier with AKs when I dropped off my pistol to him last July.

Maybe Bill Springfield would do it, but it seems to mostly be polishing and other things. Another person I would think could possibly play with the FNX is Eden Perfection in TX, as they did the trigger on my FN Five Seven and was really surprised by how crisp it was. Not 1911 nice, but close.
1 - 2 of 7 Posts
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