FN 15 M4 military collectors edition from FN’s Commemorative Collection #37 of 200. I am the original owner, purchased from a FFL, and it has remained unfired by me. I did enjoy handling this rifle from time to time so there is extremely minor internal wear from manual cycle. As pictured, there is a scratch on the right side of the barrel from being displayed in on a wall. This package is complete with the certificate of authenticity, a Ontario Knife Co M9 bayonet w scabbard, sling still sealed, Knights KAC vertical grip, sealed cleaning kit, and serial matching dog tags. $2000 shipped from my FFL. PayPal FF, zelle, venmo preferred, but personal check and money orders ok

Some trades I would consider (+\- cash)
US steyr Aug NATO full length rail
Imbel FAL
B&T apc300 8.7”
Mk14 EBR
Tavor sar 18” barrel w bayo lug FDE or black
a nice cz82
5.56 beryl full rifle
FN FNX 45 tactical fde
Walther pdp
Steyr m9a1/L9a1
Fn five seven
HK Vp9 tactical
Beretta m9a4
Colt commando parts kit
All I can really think of but Open to cool offers. No AR/AK builds.