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Is there any info on an FN Herstal made 1911 45acp/11.25mm available?
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Read through this: Fn 1911??? - 1911Forum

The cliff notes: FN made a few samples, never sold (and from some quick research, these were prior to WWII). The one that was for sale is apparently a fake.
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I'm just here to say.... thank you for this post because instead of starting my own thread... I found this one :) Thank you @trestres! and thank you @djv38 for giving us the TL;DR (y)

I am bummed this never happened :(

A nearly 9 year old thread...
I can't tell if this is like "don't freaking resurrect dead threads" or a "NICE.... an old thread was useful and prevented a new thread that would ask a question that is already answered" type of vibe

Happy Wednesday either way
It's a heads up that the forum's recommended reading feature will at times lead to necroposting and a reminder to look at the date of last post.
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I did notice the old age of the posts, but I when I joined and checked out the rules, I did not see any reference to necroposting or posting on old threads in the rules: Forum rules!!!! Read me first!!!!

A. comment on and thank an old thread and get an opinionated "heads up" post
B. start a new thread and get scolded for "not using the search feature"
C. find the old thread, and do not comment or let anyone else know that the 8 year old thread was helpful and appreciated <---- this is what I should have opted for it seems #lurkerlife

At least my comment added positivity to the ancient thread ;)
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