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CHi.. I just bought my FNP-9M. 200 rounds through it and I think it will replace my G19. Bad thing is buying accessories for it. I carry my G19 in Comp-Tac MTAC until my MS VMII's come in. I contacted comp-tac the other day, and they do not see making any bodies for FNP through 08. I'm going to contact MS on Wed and see if they can make me one.

Spare parts on all the FNP's seem to be hard to come by as of now. I expect that to change as time goes on.

I would highly recommend FNP-9M to consider as a EDC. I shoot it a lot better than my G19, slightly less so than my SIG's..but by far better than Glock.

I'm in Indy, if your close to here I would be happy to let you give it a shot.
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