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The last time FN imported FNC's was probably 25 years ago or more. How can anyone possibly get mad at us for not supporting a discontinued product that we (FNH-USA) never imported of had anything to do with?

If XM15E2S has $100,000 to spend on parts I can put him in touch with several companies who would love to make springs etc. for him.

Saying we have bad customer service because of this issue is sad. :cry:

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Why all this anger at FN? Are you wanting to become an importer or just buy some parts? As stated above, Vulcan has the parts available. What the real beef here?


101 Barrel assembly N/A
115 Bayonet adapter 55.00
116 Pin, bayonet adapter 8.00
117 Pin, bayonet adapter 8.00
122 Pin, alidade stop 8.00
125 Pin, gas block 5.00
126 Center punch screw, adj. rate 18.00
129 Breech block adjusting nut 50.00
131 Axis, alidade (grenade sight) 10.00
132 Alidade (grenade sight) new version 14.00
133 Alidade spring (grenade sight) 14.00
135 Pin, alidade axis 24.00

150 Flash hider assembly 80.00
160 Gas tube assembly (complete) 100.00
161 Indicating plunger 3.00
162 Retaining plunger spring 3.00
163 Retaining pin, indicating plunger 3.00
170 Gas tube cylinder 95.00

241 Ejector 75.00
245 Rivet, ejector 6.00
251 Dust cover, cocking channel 27.00
254 Washer, cocking channel dust cover 4.00
255 Spring, cocking channel dust cover 12.00
410 Slide ( bolt carrier) assembly N/A
430 Firing pin 40.00
433 Firing pin spring 12.00
435 Retaining pin, firing pin 6.00
440 Bolt N/A
441 Extractor 45.00
442 Extractor spring 12.00
443 Extractor spring guide (new version) 12.00
444 Extractor retaining spring 6.00
445 Pin, extractor, inner 6.00

460 Return spring assembly 100.00
461a Stop plate, steel 16.00
461b Stop plate, synthetic 16.00
463 Return spring 25.00
465 Washer, rest 4.00
466 Retaining pin, rest, washer 4.00
471 Return spring guide 45.00
481 Cocking handle 30.00

512 Frame retaining pin 12.00
514 Retaining pin circlip 4.00
516 Index spring 14.00

531 Hammer 100.00
532 Hammer pawl pin 10.00
533 Hammer pawl 55.00
536 Hammer pawl spring 15.00
538 Hammer axis pin 13.00
541 Hammer stay 20.00
542 Hammer spring 16.00
543 Hammer spring rest 8.00

550 Trigger assembly 150.00
551 Trigger 35.00
552 Front sear (sear A) 50.00
553 Rear sear (sear B) 70.00
554 Bush, sear axis pin 14.00
555 Sear spring
556 Trigger axis
557 Trigger spring 16.00
558 Trigger spring axis 6.00

560 Burst control assembly 150.00
580 Selector lever (4 position) 90.00
590 Magazine catch 55.00
595 Magazine catch inner spring 6.00
596 Magazine catch button 12.00
597 Magazine catch pin 4.00
612 Magazine, 30 round military issue (synthetic follower) 45.00

616 Magazine platform spring 14.00
617 Magazine button (bottom) plate 8.00

711 Front sight 14.00
721 Rear sight 26.00
722 Rear sight spring 6.00
723 Rear sight axis pin 14.00
724 Rear sight micro nut 8.00
725 Rear site ring 6.00
726 Rear sight pawl, retaining pin 4.00

810 Para stock assembly (complete w/ buttstock support block ) 275.00
829 Buttstock pin (para ) 8.00
831 Plunger, folding stock 35.00
832 Spring, hinge plunger 12.00
833 Retaining hinge pin 4.00
834 Plunger ring 6.00
835 Bolt, buttstock 30.00
837 Buttstock support block 80.00
838 Buttstock support washer 4.00
839 Buttstock support screw 10.00

841 Standard stock assembly 200.00
837s Buttock support block (std stock) 60.00
838 Buttstock support washer 4.00
839 Buttstock support screw 10.00
840 Buttstock screw ( std stock only) 8.00

850 Handguard assembly complete 115.00
868 Rear barrel collar 12.00
869 Handguard spring 16.00
870 Pistol grip assembly (used) 45.00
870 Pistol grip assembly 55.00
872 Trigger guard 15.00
876 Screw, pistol grip 8.00

881 Front sling swivel 20.00
882 Sling swivel clip 4.00

883a Multifunction cleaning tool (w/o sight adjustment arm ) 40.00
883b Multifunction cleaning tool ( instructors model) 55.00

885 Blank firing device 55.00
886 Case deflector 65.00
887 Magazine loading tool 6.00
888 Stripper clip 2.00
889 Sling, military issue (used) 20.00
889 Sling, military issue (new) 45.00

941 Bipod assembly N/A
731 Scope mount 275.00

Exploded diagram of FNC parts can be located at:


Prices and availability of parts are subject to change.



Please send money orders to:

Vulcan Imports
5206 Memory Lane
Mount Olive, Alabama

I will email you when your Money Order is recieved, and your package will be mailed the following day.


Credit Cards are now accepted. A link to a secure ordering page will be forwarded via email to input your credit card info. There is 3% fee for all credit card purchases


I have made a decision to no longer support Paypal because their anti-gun policies as well as questionable business practices.

Please include your mailing address in the notes section when funds are sent.

I will email you when your funds are received, and your package will be mailed the following day.

[email protected]

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What you want to do is a commercial venture. Most of the members here are just end users. Complaining here about such a business issue is really the wrong venue.

There are plenty of gun companies that no longer import certain items. And, therefore, getting parts can be tough.

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xm15e2s said:
Yes, I wanted to go into the business of supplying FNC parts to the US customer at prices just slightly over my COST. providing the service as a huge FNC fan.
So you are basically complaining because of a bad buisness plan on your behalf? Yes a BAD BUISNESS PLAN because a true buisness plan would have taken your recent problem into account from the begining.

Sorry to break it to you but FN support is great at end user support
BUT their job is not produce OOP(Out Of Production) parts just so that you can make a buck.
Yes, OOP parts because FN hasn't imported those parts in over 25years.

It would be like complaining to GM that they can't provide parts for a 1960 Chevy because you plan to be a 1960s auto parts supplier. :roll:

Now if you were an enthusiast and not trying to make a quick buck, you would just out source and have the parts reproduced for FNC fans.

But since you are here complaining to FN that you can't make a quick buck, of being a parts supplier, well we can only assume.....

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xm15e2s, sorry but on your point that "you base your claim of FN having parts because the FNC is still the CURRENT issued rifle of that country" is also not a good argument. When I was stationed with a harrier squadren and the military was not going buy any more harriers, rolls royce stopped making engines for them but the Marines pilots were and are still flying them around. Your point on this issue is mute.

Good luck with your FNC, they are a great gun. I must say though I have never had a problem with FN service. Not with the 240G the Marines had while I was in the service and not as a civilian. I think they are very good.
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