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Like Sonofglyndwr says, your Hi Power is a 2003 model,
If I recall correctly, the factory wide Hi Power triggers didn't appear until circa 2007.

Whilst the unwashed masses on this side of the Atlantic have habituated themselves to the Browning name brand, Browning is merely a distributor that FN appropriated from the Browning family around 1977. While Browning branded Hi powers have been importing FN Hi Powers under the Browning name since 1954, Browning does not make anything - it is an importer and distributor many diverse products from all over the world - including new Hi Powers to be distributed in North America.

A lot of enthusiasts prefer the FN branded Hi Powers. Some because FN is the actual maker, and some because they feel that the roll marks are nicer. Some because of what their newspaper horoscope told them. :p

As far as I know, FN Hi Powers haven't been imported by FN since about the time your pistol was built, because by doing so FN was in effect competing with its own subsidiary, Browning.
Disreputable sellers will sometimes try to dupe unwary buyers by asking more money for a "real Browning" - one with Browning roll marks - when one could argue that the FN pistol would hold that title.

I notice that the Hi Power you pictured has the flat plastic military grips. A lot of guys like those because they are rather thin and are perceived to feel better than the current curved plastic grips. While not exactly rare, the flat plastic grips are seen less often on the MK III based Hi Powers that the curved plastic. Does that pistol have a lanyard ring? Many of the Hi Powers with lanyard rings had the flat plastic grips, and I see that the wood grips have the lanyard ring notch.

Based on where you live, the price for that pistol is not outrageous.

Good Luck!
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