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FN PS-90, No longer made in OD Green, Has the Gen 2 trigger pack, low round count.

**Gen 2 PS90** $1100
**New PA Optic (extra batteries in the stock)** $60
**Damage Industries extended rail** (I am keeping the TLR1s light unless you add $100) $100
(Rail and Optic are brand new and will need to be sighted in)
**Single point sling** $30
**6 - 50 Rd Mags** $150
**OD Green Covert bag** $60
**550 Rounds of 5.7 Ammo** $250
$1750 Estimated Value

$1400 FIRM or will deduct $200 if you do not want the ammo. Will trade for a FDE FNX-45 Tactical with RMR or a FDE FN FiveSeven with upgrades and I keep ammo.

I would prefer to meet FTF in the Montgomery AL. area but will ship as long as you cover all related shipping and FFL fees including PayPal (I am verified and have a string of feedback links I can provide).

***Must be okay with showing ID and NOT be a felon. I will provide a Bill Of Sale with my ID***

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