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I did, in fact, write FNH about this but haven't gotten a reply. It's been a week, I wrote when I first ordered my FNAR.

The FNAR Competition is not threaded. Will having the barrel threaded for a Brake/suppressor void the factory warranty. I would eventually like to pick up the big brother to my YHM Ti Phantom [5,56] and get their titanium 7,62 suppressor. BUT, I do not want to void the factory warranty in doing so.

Any thoughts on the matter???

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I did, in fact, write FNH about this but haven't gotten a reply. It's been a week, I wrote when I first ordered my FNAR.
They no longer have an email for customer service. If you have questions the new contact method is, For customer service & technical inquiries please call 1-800-635-1321. (Off of their web site)

That's the number for FNH parts, repair center, and your new customer service center.
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If you want the barrel threaded have it done and don't worry about any waranty. Set it up the way you want it.

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Before you have it threaded, make sure about your can. Some of them have massive poi shifts and will hose any long range shooting setup you have dialed in. You need to make sure your can is up to this. I say this because I spent a couple of hours on the phone with a venor about this and was surprised as I thought that I had done my homework before buying the can.......appears that while I have a good setup, the poi shift is inconsistant at best at long ranges.

I would advise you speak with Jeremy at Silencer Shop (forum vendor) before you proceed. You will also want an "A" thread on your barrel for a DT can, which IMHO is the best for up to long range shooting. But I'm new to this......

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Well, I spoke too soon. They just sent a reply.


Thank you for contacting FNH USA.

The warranty information for our products is outlined at the beginning of each owner's manual. You will find the general safety and warranty information below.

Safety and warranty notes:

Like all firearms, if handled in a careless or
reckless manner the FNX can be very dangerous.
Failure to follow the information in this owner 's
manual could result in serious injury or death.

For that reason, this firearm has been sold under the express
understanding that FNH USA declines any responsibility and invalidates any
guarantee and liability claims for incidental or consequential damages,
injuries, loss of use of property, commercial loss, loss of earnings and
profits, resulting in whole or partly from:

. the use of reloaded ammunition
. a discharge with criminal intent or through negligence
. improper or careless handling
. unauthorized servicing
. the modification or alteration of the basic firearm design
. the use of non-original parts
. the modification or alteration of the "safety" devices
. the use of incorrect "arms and ammunition" combinations
. the use of defective or unsafe ammunition
. inadequate care of the firearm (e.g. corrosion, damage.)
. disregard of malfunctions
. resale in contradiction to legislation
. other circumstances beyond our direct and immediate control

Notice! FNH USA reserves the right to refuse
servicing a firearm which has been modified by
removal of metal from the barrel, modifications
of the firing mechanism and/or other parts, and
will, in such a case, always recommend restoring
the firearm to its original specifications. Parts
and labor required for such a restoration are
payable by the owner of the firearm.

As long as your firearm is properly cared for and maintained, without modifications, we will provide warranty coverage.

Having the barrel threaded would void the warranty.

Kind regards,
FNH USA Customer Service
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