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FN Warranty question

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I did, in fact, write FNH about this but haven't gotten a reply. It's been a week, I wrote when I first ordered my FNAR.

The FNAR Competition is not threaded. Will having the barrel threaded for a Brake/suppressor void the factory warranty. I would eventually like to pick up the big brother to my YHM Ti Phantom [5,56] and get their titanium 7,62 suppressor. BUT, I do not want to void the factory warranty in doing so.

Any thoughts on the matter???
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Before you have it threaded, make sure about your can. Some of them have massive poi shifts and will hose any long range shooting setup you have dialed in. You need to make sure your can is up to this. I say this because I spent a couple of hours on the phone with a venor about this and was surprised as I thought that I had done my homework before buying the can.......appears that while I have a good setup, the poi shift is inconsistant at best at long ranges.

I would advise you speak with Jeremy at Silencer Shop (forum vendor) before you proceed. You will also want an "A" thread on your barrel for a DT can, which IMHO is the best for up to long range shooting. But I'm new to this......
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