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Selling this as like new...ive owned it about a month and a half...its been to the range once put one mag through it...and it has been in the vault since...it doesn't have a mark or flaw on it....it comes with everything fn includes....it came with 3 20 rnd mags........prior to taking possession of the pistol i had purchased 3 additional 20 rnd mags so i have a total of 5 available....as well as the hard to find 5.7x28 reloading dies still new in packaging including a factory crimp die and case length trim gauge/shell holder.......195 rnds of fnh ss197 polymer tipped ammo (the 4 boxes ($30 a box) i bought with the gun minus the 15 rounds i shot and have the spent cases) willing to sell as a total package or split up.....shipping to your ffl included in my pricing.....you are responsible for arranging compliancy work with your ffl if needed...i will only accept postal money orders and pistol will ship once funds are received ..for any nj residents I'm willing to do f2f ..im located in south jersey 15 mins south of exit 1 on 295/njtp willing to meet around exit 20ish on 295 or exit 3 on njtp for the northern nj folks ....nj buyers need the usual matching dl/fpid/valid pistol permit....

pricing as follows:
pistol, case, papers/owners manual, 3 mags as purchased $1200

above plus the extra 3 mags $1275

above plus dies $1325

everything including ammo $1375
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typo in the original ad i actually have another mag for a total of 6 20 round mags
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**price drop**

$1200 for everything
gun is sold...thank you joshuanagao!
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