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Update from FNH & FNForum.net (FNF)

FNF is very proud and exited to announce that in light of our forum and quality membership, FNH has decided to participate within our community.

We believe that this reflects in their superior commitment to customer support and the understanding that some questions need to be answered by the industry experts, namely the manufacturer. We also believe that this is the FIRST in a firearms industry where a Manufacturer would take their time to answer customer questions and data mine customer knowledge base for efficacy of their weapons platform.

We give a hearty welcome to Ken Flood, Deputy Director of Field Sales for FNH USA. As time goes on, we do believe that FNH will get more involved with our community and this is a great first step in establishing relations between the manufacturer and the consumer of one of the best firearm products on the market today.

At the end of each week, FNH will answer 10 questions on one thread. Please add your questions on the same thread with a number. It goes without saying that courtesy and professional disposition is demanded from all members.

On behalf of FNF

Shipwreck & Thermalltor
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