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Re: FNH Q&A - February 29, 2008

Post your questions for FN here - Limited to the first 10 questions.

I hate to nag, but here are a couple of housekeeping rules for the Q&A session:

1. Each person can ask 1 question. This has been ignored by some members in the past - but there will be multiple Q&A sessions in the future. You can get your other questions answered at future sessions. If you ask multiple questions, only the first question will be considered.

2. Please be courteous in the wording of your question, even if you are upset about a particular issue.

Once again, thanks to FNMan for taking the time to answer member's questions. That is very nice of him!


1. Will short barreling a PS90 with a barrel from CMMG void the factory warranty on a PS90? What if CMMG does the work themselves?
Yes, We are sorry but it will void the wty.

2. What new things can you tell us about the SCAR that isn't in the standard press releases? Not much, it is pretty complete.

3. Will you offer a compact or subcompact FNP45, and if so, when?
Early '09 should see a complete line of sub-compacts.

4. Can you give us detailed information about the SS198 ammunition? There have been many rumors since the Shotshow about what the round is and if it is restricted or not.
It is a SS195 loaded to MAX velocity as a training/duty round for law enforcement. It is restricted by FNH, not the ATF and is available only through FNH USA Law Enforcement Distributors. It is available to agencies as well as individual officers.

5. What will be the overall length of the civilian legal carbine and rifle-length SCAR's (L and H) with the stock folded? 28"

6. I see the FNH-USA Website is listing 15 round magazines for the FNP-45 - How do we go about ordering them? You can order them through any dealer who can get them from a distributor.

Will there be an SAO version of the FNP-45 and if so, when? No, but we will have a DA/SA witha manual safety in about 60 days.

8. How many FPS does SS198 go through a Fiveseven? P90? PS90? I don't have that data yet.

9. Is FN working with any of the holster manufacturers to create a holster for the FNP-45? Blade-Tech has holsters available now and we are sending out plastic mock-ups to the other holster companies.

10. Any plans for a 10mm FNP Not at this time.
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