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Just a compilation picture thread for official, oddball, and/or rare variants of the SCARs offered by FNH specifically. Official because FNH made them, oddball because FNH doesn't widely advertise them, offer them as models, and/or the parts to buy.

NOTE - These are not models that have been modded by some armed forces group. These are custom models or parts offered by FNH from the factory

SCAR-L w/ Keymod Upper Receiver

  • Serialized Gas Block
  • Integral Keymod Upper Receiver
  • FNH A1 Style Pistol Grip
  • Barrel Screw Supports Removed
  • Something Next to Bolt Release
  • Angled NRCH
  • Semi-Auto Only
Air gun Machine gun Trigger World Gun barrel

SCAR-H PR w/ 13" Barrel
  • 13" Heavy-Profile Barrel w/ Three Attachment Screws
  • FNH Folding Front Sight
  • NRCH
Machine gun Trigger Air gun Gun barrel Gun accessory

SCAR-SC w/ New Parts
  • FNH Push-Button Front & Rear Folding Sights
  • FNH A1 Style Pistol Grip
Machine gun Air gun Trigger Gun barrel Gun accessory

SCAR-H w/ "MK 17 MOD 0" Label
- B&T Rotex Flash Hider
Air gun Machine gun Trigger Gun barrel Wood

SCAR-L w/ Police Training Mods
  • Integral Keymod Upper Receiver
  • It's Blue
Blue Window Glove Military person Machine gun

SCAR-H SB w/ 10" Barrel (Info Only)
- Factory 10" Barrel

* There have never been any pictures of this model as far as I know.
Font Electric blue Parallel Screenshot Number

SCAR-H PR/TPR Machine Gun (Info Only)
  • Full-Auto Lower Assembly w/ Two Stage Match Grade Trigger*
  • Full-Auto Rated 20" Heavy Barrel w/ Three Attachment Screws
* Likely the Geissele Super Select Fire SCAR
** FNA has also indicated that there are full-auto MK20 SSR's out there. However, I've seen no pictures.
Air gun Trigger Font Line Shotgun

SCAR-H CQC "MK 17 MOD 0" w/ 5.56x45mm Conversion Kit for the United States of America Government
  • SCAR-H Upper Receiver (Standard)
  • "Mk 17 Mod 0 Cal 5.56x45 mm" Lower Assembly (Conversion)
  • "Mk 17 Mod 0" 5.56x45mm Magazine(s), marked "US GOVERNMENT USE ONLY" (Conversion)
  • "Mk 17 Mod 0 Cal 5.56x45 mm" Bolt Carrier Group (Conversion)
  • 5.56x45mm Barrel, 10" (14" also available) (Conversion)
  • 5.56x45mm Recoil Spring (Conversion)
Machine gun Air gun Trigger Wood Shotgun

Air gun Machine gun Trigger Wood Gun barrel

Wood Font Material property Metal Fashion accessory
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