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McLean, Va. (June 3, 2008). FNH USA has enhanced the modularity and flexibility of its SLP line by offering an assortment of shotgun choke tubes and accessory sporting barrels.

The accessory barrels are of steel construction with a matte black finish for use with the FN SLP and the FN SLP Mark 1 shotguns and are available in 22”, 24”, 26”, 28” and 30”.

The Briley Standard Invector and Invector-Plus extended design choke tubes are polished stainless steel with blue anodized accent identification rings and are offered in sizes from cylinder to extra-full.

Also available for the FN SLP and FN SLP Mark 1 is an aluminum tri-rail extension in matte black finish that offers three mounting rails that can be used for tactical lights and lasers.

The reliability of the gas operation of the FN SLP shotguns is well documented along with its exceptional cycling speed and light felt recoil. It is ideal for a range of law enforcement, tactical, personal security and practical competition uses.

Rick DeMilt, senior vice president for sales and marketing, law enforcement and commercial division of FNH USA, says, “Save some room in your gun cabinet! With the addition of these accessories, the SLP becomes all purpose gun for a variety of tactical and sporting applications.”

DeMilt adds, “Another thing I want to mention about the SLP – we do get questions about this – is that we ship two pistons with the shotgun for a very good reason. The addition of two pistons gives you a wider range of operational flexibility while maintaining a power level that is controllable. And, there is the added benefit of reducing wear on the gun.”

FNH USA is the sales and marketing arm of FN Herstal, S.A., Belgium. Its corporate mission is to expand its global leadership position in defense, law enforcement and commercial markets by delivering superior products and the finest in training and logistical support. Visit www.fnhusa.com to view the entire line of FNH USA products and services. FNH USA, P.O. Box 697, McLean, VA, 22101, U.S.A.
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