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FN SCAR (Special Combat Automatic Rifle) for
Law Enforcement Debuts at IACP

McLean, Va. (October 26, 2007) – FNH USA announced during the recent IACP conference in New Orleans, La. that the FN SCAR, the only battle rifle selected for use by United States Special Operation Command (USSOCOM) since the release of the M4/M16 over 40 years ago, will be available for purchase by law enforcement agencies in 2008.
With nine innovative configurations of the rifle, the adaptability and modularity of the rifle offers the SWAT team member or marksman virtually everything an officer needs to effectively and quickly complete a mission.
“Our law enforcement customers have been asking about the SCAR for some time; I am confident they will be more than satisfied with this rifle,” said Rick DeMilt, senior vice president of sales and marketing for FNH USA. “It is thoughtfully designed; operators can easily be trained on the rifle; and it is feature-packed.”
A few of the SCAR system features:
• Interchangeable barrels offer caliber modularity (CQC, standard and long barrels); barrel changes take less than five minutes without loss of previously established zero.
• Even with the ability to change calibers, the various configurations share approximately 82% of the same parts.
• The SCAR has a 90,000 round service life and a 35,000 round plus barrel life.
• 40mm low velocity Enhanced Grenade Launcher (EGLM) handles all types of ammunition used by law enforcement.
• The SCAR is completely ambidextrous with an enhanced telescoping/folding stock.
Those interested in learning more about the SCAR system for law enforcement can visit www.fnhusa.com.
FNH USA is the sales and marketing arm of FN Herstal, S.A., Belgium. Its corporate mission is to expand its global leadership position in defense, law enforcement and commercial markets by delivering superior products and the finest in training and logistical support. Visit www.fnhusa.com to view the entire line of FNH USA products and services. FNH USA, P.O. Box 697, McLean, VA, 22101, U.S.A.
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