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Got a chance to do a little practical, fun shooting with my FNP-40. Previously I had only shot qualifications and static range practice. This time we did backward and lateral movement, shooting from behind barricades and rapid fire sequences firing one, two or three shots starting from the holster. The rapid fire sequences alternated between COM and head shots, with both out to fifteen yards. The goal was to get comfortable with the DA/SA transition and work on mechanics rather than just sight picture.

The FNP-40 is my only DA/SA pistol, so I was a little concerned about being able to transition rapidly from DA to SA. Turns out that my concerns were unnecessary. The DA pull is so smooth that after two or three sequences I didn't notice the transition at all and was as accurate in DA as in SA mode.

Can't say enough good things about the FNP. Excellent combat pistol that is solid, comfortable and accurate. Points as naturally as my 1911 and the recoil is much softer than the Glock 23 that I traded. I barely used my sights during the drills and only needed to find the front sight to be on target, even at 15 yards. Not a fancy gun, but solid and easy to shoot.
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