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Here's a target from my range session today - 3rd in all for the FNP-40. I'm having a hard time seeing the white dot sights particularly on a white background. It's almost guess and by golly. :D Gonna get some of those stick on night sights and see if that'll help until TruGlo comes out with their TFO model or Crimson Trace releases a laser grip model for the FNP. At this point I don't want a laser rail device. It's hard enough as it is finding a holster for the FNP without complicating it with a rail device.

The FNP is definitely more accurate than I am. Main thing is for self/home defense purposes I'm satisfied with my shooting and the FNP-40.

Ammo was range 180 gr FMJ.
Distance: 7 yards.

1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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