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Hey folks I'm new to the fn forum and just became the proud owner of a new FNP-40 Matte Black.

With the election going down the toilet, I felt I needed to speed up my handgun purchases. I'd been lusting after a Sig Sauer P239 in 357 Sig and was also looking for a Ruger SP101 in 327 Fed for my wife. Stopped off at a gun shop in my home town Thursday during my midday break in deer hunting. They didn't have a SP101 in 327 so I started looking at the autos. They had a used Sig P226 in 357 Sig but the price was too high - nice gun though. So I looked at Taurus, S&W M&P, Glock, Beretta, and a couple other brands that I don't recall. Then I looked at the FNP-40 DA/SA Matte Black Stainless in 40 S&W and we just clicked. They made me a decent deal and out the door I went with some practice and self defense ammo. Fired a few rounds at the hunting club and it's a nice shooting gun. I decided to go with the 40 S&W over the 357 Sig just to have a little more flexibility in ammo. At least on paper I can get the same numbers with the 155 gr 40 S&W and still have the 165gr and 180gr bullet options. I also thought the 40 S&W is a good compromise between the 9mm and the 45 ACP.

Here are some targets from my first range outing today. I'm no expert pistol shot and am going to get some instructing as I seem to shoot low and to the left with the FNP-40 as well as with my S&W Model 19 357 Mag. At least I'm consistent at what I'm doing wrong. :-D BTW: I shoot right handed.

The first target is a 28 shots group, two magazines, from 10 paces with Blazer 165 grain FMJ. All are shot with Single Action.

The second target a 14 shot group with the same Blazer 165 grain. The first shot was Double Action and is off the paper. :oops: The remaining 13 are SA.

The third target is 6 shot group with Speer Gold Dot 165 grain GDHP. The first shot is DA and is at the botton left edge of the paper. :oops: The remaining 5 shots are SA.

I shot 50 rounds of 180 grain FMJ Independence brand and they shot 6-8 inches low. Even the Winchester Supreme 180 gr SXT shoot 6-8 inches low. Don't know if it's me (bad techinque or old eyes) or my FNP-40 prefers the lighter weight bullets.

I'm aiming center of the black covering the 10 ring with the front sight dot.

Also the first 28 shots I fired at my hunting club the day I purchased the FNP-40 were all over the place - 12 inch plate size. Either the FNP-40 is breaking in or I'm getting to know it better or both.

Given my bad DA performance good thing the FNP-40 has a hammer I can cock to SA until I learn how to get control of DA on first shots.

All shots are from a standing position off hand, i.e. no support or rest.
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Not bad for a first time experience with the gun. I have an FNP-9 and it is my first pistol. I'm 21, so a total newb at it. I was initially shooting low and left too, now I'm high by an inch or two and left by about the same. I'm at the 1000 round mark and I'm starting to dial my grip in. Next time, I plan on working on my stance to see if that changes anything.

As for the DA, I actually put one in the X on Thursday, but they are usually all over the place for me, so I was bound to do it some time :lol:
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