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FNP-45 Dark Earth Wanted

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I have been looking but have had no luck.Can someone tell me if they are realy out and if so where to get them?Thanks in advance!

Wanta B
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Yes in the USG model only I think. I havent seen one of the FNP-45 in D.E. unless it was the USG.
I don't think the 45 FDE is out yet. They have USG versions in all black and 2-tone stainless, which is the opposite of the 9 and 40, which baffles me.
Thanks for the replies.

Yeh,I have not found anything about the Dark Earth versions being out except rumors.I'll keep looking tho'.I would prefer NO safety on mine however! Personal preference.

Wanta B
Wanta B said:
I would prefer NO safety on mine however! Personal preference.

Wanta B
I doubt that will happen. If FN releases an FDE 45, it will likely be the USG variant, which has the safety. FN seems to be heading the USG route lately (which I personally prefer).
No problem with that as I would like to have the forward serations and could always switch the safety out in favor of decocker only.
I really don't understand what you are getting at. The USG variants of all FNP pistols come with a safety and decocker. If you don't want the safety don't use it. That's the beauty of these pistols. You can go either condition 1 with the hammer cocked and safety on or with the hammer down and in the double action ready position which is how the standard FNP's are meant to be carried. Swapping that fire control group out for a decocker only (which isn't really an option anyways) would be like removing central air for a fan.
here is the link they do have them you can get any Firearms dealer to order you one with the model number at the bottom of this page link 8)


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Hate to repeat stuff that's been said 3 posts in, but the FDE grips aren't out for the 45s yet. They may have a model number out and a few pictures on their site, but it doesn't mean they've been released yet. The stainless/black and black/black USGs are out (no model number on the FN website).

Give FN a call/email, they may be able to tell you when it will be released or if a dealer could order you one right now.

My personal preference is to have no safety.That is how my HK USPs are,variant #3 DA/SA Decock Only.It can be done by swapping the decock only parts inplace of the decock/safety parts so they will function just like the FNP-45 I have now.Awesome handgun by the way!FNH knows that there are enough people in both camps to warrant making both systems...personal preference,thats all.When I draw it goes bang regardless,the safety is my finger.

Only one of my vehicles still has AC,all the others have been removed or are now converted to air compressors...even my '77 short box 4x4 van.It only gets around 115f in my area during summer.

I have been looking for the #47932 but it looks like it is not out yet.

Yes I should just email FNH to hear first hand what the deal is.
:roll: O.K. let me say this agian THEY DO HAVE THE FLAT DARK EARTH USG MODEL OUT the model # is 47980 no it is not on there website but you can call them ask for Bob. :roll:


They dont offer night sights for the FDE though.

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jrh3,thank you for the heads up!

I'll will contact them shortly but my better half would have my hide if I got another firearm this close to X-mas.I just got 4 this last week so the FNPs will have to wait until Jan.

I do have $$ set aside for a couple of others but I will not divert it.I want to be able to move on them when/if they ever come out of the vapor.

Thanks again tho',best news relating to guns I've heard in a while. :?
Hi All

I have the two tone stainless and black would sure like to have one in dark earth hopefully they will have one out soon
Read my last post they ARE out.
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