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FNP 45 (Decocker vs. Manual Safety vs. USG)

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First time poster and new member. I am in the market for a FNP 45 (especially after reading this forum) but have a guestion about decocker only vs. manual safety vs. USG.

For Example, per FNH USA CATALOG on page 4 if you where looking to buy a FNP 45 with a Matte Black Stainless Slide finish with 14 round capacity and no night sights, you would have 4 options:

1. FNP-45, DA/SA #47917 (Decocker only)
2. FNP-45, DA/SA, Manual Safety #47923
3. FNP-45 USG, DA/SA, Flat Dark Earth #47936
4. FNP-45, DA/SA, Manual Safety, FDE #47938

What has me confused is from other posts, it has been stated that the main difference between the USG and other models it that the USG only comes with the Manual Safety. However, the catalog listing confuses me. I can understand the differences between items 1, 2, & 4 but the USG would seem to be redudant with item 4 unless it didn't come with the safety or there are more differences with the USG version that I am not aware of.

Clarification anyone....
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I realize it's confusing.

All FNP 45s have a decock function.

The USG models have the decocker and a safety, and also have serrations on the front of the slide.

Only USG models come in the FDE frame, but they are also available in all black as well.

At some point in the future all FNP-45s will have the safety and the decocker.
Thanks for the reply.

When you say FDE frame, does that mean more than just color? Since the USG and item 4 are both listed with FDE I thought that related only to color.

Looking at the catalog (page 9) it indicates the USG has "DA/SA decocker or DA/SA with manual safety". Is this just the case where FNH thought they were going to produce both styles but have decided to move toward all there FNPs being supplied with the manual safety? I think this has been mentioned elsewhere.

All is good either way cause I am soon going to have a FNP 45 soon!
You've got me confused now :lol:

I thought I had it all figured out :oops:

From what I gather from this, is that the USG has a slimmer slide (pg 9). Apparently, they are making regular ones with manual safeties, but not considering them USG versions because they don't have the slim slide. That's my best guess as to the difference (also the front serrations on the slide).

Edit: I also just noticed the USG is 0.8 ounces lighter.
I dont think the slide is really slimmer but a bit more rounded at the top instead of flat like the normal 45, Sorry if I added to any confusion
Xlegionaire said:
I dont think the slide is really slimmer but a bit more rounded at the top instead of flat like the normal 45, Sorry if I added to any confusion
The catalog says that the USG has a "Slim-slide," whatever that means is open to interpretation, or if someone has both/has personal knowledge, now is the time for input :?
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