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That link is a dead duck I think.
I couldn't get it to come up.
It does interest me though My son is a Marine stationed at Pendleton. Upon his return from the air conditioned bunker he works in at Al Asad (mid November) he wants to buy a FNP Dark earth .45 I think that's the un released as yet USG model. He keeps asking me when they are going to be released. He already has a FNP-9m which he loves and said as a result he will never go back to his former Glock 19. The kid reads everything he has been able to get his hands on and of course has full access to everything in my safe. His taste is becoming so damn refined I can't believe it. lol

So i'll have to look and see if it will be on the list of no go items I'm sure he won't be able to buy any hi cap mags out there. I can fix that for him. I just don't want anyone out there to find him with any. I know that the threaded barrel will have to be replaced with a non- threaded one but that's easy enough to do. Oh well one step at a time I guess.


I'll let you guys know
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