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FNP-9 is getting more accurate, or is it me?

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Interesting range trip. I had a target set up at 25 yards (6 inch target) sitting on a small, thin piece of cardboard, the width of any man, even a skinny one. Either my FNP-9 is getting more accurate or I'm getting better with it because I was hitting the 6 inch target pretty well, and the others were still on the cardboard.

I had considered selling this gun and/or getting either a Para Ordinance PX189S (the 18+1 9mm model) or a CZ SP-01 SO I could do some more pin point 9mm shooting, . . . . . .and though I may still do so (buy a Para or CZ), I am becoming more confident in the accuracy of the FNP-9 and will definitely be keeping it.

Now, I know there are better shooters out there than me. . . . . . what can YOU shoot (groupings) with your FNP pistols at 25 yards?

And, though you know the FNP to be accurate, would you say that the Para or CZ pistols would be MORE accurate?
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Don't shoot much from rest unless chronographing or at 25 yds but mine will consistently put all 16 rds on paper plate off hand at 25 yds if I do my part. That's as good as I can do with my best shooters.
i get 2inch groupings with my H&K at 50 ft :)
Unless the Para has a longer barrel, do you really think it will be any more accurate than the FNP-9 ? Same for the CZ.
Well, . . . they both do, . . . . but I was guessing that their design would give them an advantage anyway, regardless of barrel length.
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