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I spent a couple hours on two different bays at the United States Shooting Academy in Tulsa yesterday. A friend (who is a member there) invited me to throw some lead downrange and wring out my FNP-9.

Oh my goodness.....

My FNP was every bit as accurate as his slicked-up Glocks. They were nice, nice fiber-optic sites (come on, FNH....), trigger jobs, etc. We ran about 500 rounds each, with only one hiccup- and that was due to the Sellior & Belloit ammo.

We shot steel and cardboard targets, shoot and no-shoot targets, automated motion targets, 7-yard targets out to 25 yard steel targets and a Texas star.

My friend is a much better shot than I am, but he dropped the steel with my gun as easily as his, even with a longer barrel....

Good job, FNH!

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