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FNP-9 trigger group crack

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Got this about 4 weeks ago and so far had 160 rounds of American Eagle 115gr 9mm. After latest session of 50 rounds, I decided to clean it, and found this crack. To say that I'm disappointed is an understatement. This is the first time I ever see a frame crack like this in any of the guns I own. To add insult to the injury, it was only 160 rounds

I know of this problem in some .40S&W versions, but in a 9mm?

From looks of it, seems like stress fracture. I'm wodering if this would be due to the way that part of gun is made. On the otherside, there is a metal frame where the pin goes through, but on the right handside, there isn't one.

I'll be calling FNH USA sometime this week to get it fixed. One thing that is kind of confusing me is the way in which they want it shipped
4-Package it securely in a double-packed cardboard container.
What is a double packed cardboard container? I'm planning to pack the pistol inside the original case(without other things like 2 extra magazines) and then put it in a FED-Ex box. I wonder if that is what they mean be that.
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I have that line in my gun and others have reported the same. Looks like its normal and part of the design of the piece. I noticed that there is a slight notch at the top of the line that may have been put there as a stress relief.
Your new metal pin doesn't seem to actually touch that line. My plastic pin looks like it does. (bad eyes) I wonder if that is part of their fix? Use a smaller metal pin. If so, that makes me wonder what change they may have made down lower where the other cracks have started.
My Fnp-9 broke in the same spot as batakgt's also.
Shot 200 rounds this morning and all is well. Hopefully it will be that way from now on.
My new .40 has a manufacture date of August 07', it has the newer metal pin and the vertical line near the pin. Polymer has a smooth texture. I'll be watching it closely to see if any stress occurs to the polymer on the right side. So far so good.
FNP-40 Cracked hammer group

I picked this FNP 40 up on 2-2-08 and was exciited to get it! I found your forum and found this thread. It got me curious. So without ever firing a round out of it, taken right out of the display case at the gun store.
I went home and pulled the slide. Guess what? Mine is already broken!
It was the last one in the display case and the last one in the store!
Obviously there is a manufacturing defect or defective hammer groups installed in these guns to the extent we do not know! But what Police
officer's, military, or CCP holder, homeowners life is it going to take before FNH USA is going to address it? Since the serial # range is of the problem guns is not forthcoming from FN, I will start it here! The list begins! serial # 61CMT059** . Let's find out for ourselves or at least try!
Maybe then FNH will address it. To say the least I am very dissapointed &
dismayed that these guns could be released with this problem!

I can't figure out how to post a picture. Can anyone help me here?

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Re: FNP-40 Cracked hammer group

venison-hunter said:
I can't figure out how to post a picture. Can anyone help me here?
I just responded to your PM about that
FNP-40 Cracked hammer group

Here are some pics of Problem of the FNP 40 from my last post.

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FNP-40 Cracked hammer group

More pics!
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I shranks your photos down a bit - try ot to make them larger than 800x600. Those were huge.

Sorry to hear that you already have the crack, though.
Makes me wonder if my FNP9 was broke when I bought it. Gun shop handling??? Broke in same place. New replacement housing does not have that inside notch where yours broke. so far so good!
Broke SS# on FNP9- 61BMT059xx. FNPM with no problems-61BMT011xx. Don't know how FN assigns ss# between P9, M model and P40?
FNP-40 Cracked Trigger/hammer group

Did I mention that I have a FNP-9 in layaway and I am very concerned it could have the very same problem. I am torn about what to do. I really did like the design better than the S&W M&P, Of which I have one in 9mm.
I am thinking of chucking both these FN's for a SIG. (s) :(
FNP-40 Cracked Trigger/hammer group

Okay I got off the phone with the gun dealer who is also a large law enforcement dealer. The dealer said that"FN was well aware of the problem" and would send out a call tag for the pistol and I would have it back in "2 weeks" I asked about the FNP 9 in layaway and they said they would check it. (whatever that means) I told them to give them the serial #. They have to know the range of the problem hammer groups!! So I will take a wait and see. With all the guns sold they surely got some bad parts? To FN's credit, customer service seems to be top notch.
That was one reason I wasn't deterred from buying this gun. From all accounts FN has dealt with the issue in a professional manner. I'm hoping mine is a recent enough build that it won't occur, but I'm prepared in the case that it happens.
I wouldn't hesitate to buy another FNP. I have no doubt that any with problems out there will be made right. Even with one with cracked hammer housing, have put just under 1000 rounds thru both FNPs with no malfunction with any of ammo tried. Both are as accurate as the most accurate pistols I own. Amen on FN cutomer service! :?

Wow,..... sorry to hear that venison-hunter. Well my serial # is 61CMR03*** and so far I have 556 rounds through it with no problems. By your serial # it would seem that yours was made after mine. With that being said the problem seems to be more wide spread than I originally thought. At first I thought it was late 06 early 07 batch. What was the date on your shell case?
forestranger wrote:
Broke SS# on FNP9- 61BMT059xx. FNPM with no problems-61BMT011xx. Don't know how FN assigns ss# between P9, M model and P40?
Mine is 61BMT025xx
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