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dmhuyoung said:
Hey all,

Has anyone heard whether FN will eventually come out with a USG model in black for the FNP-9? I'm just not a big fan of the 2-tone FDE color scheme - also, I'm nowhere near a desert.

As I understand it, the FNP-357 will come standard with the USG decocker/safety (without requiring the FDE color scheme). I'm hoping they plan to roll that out across the entire line.
The 357 Sig version will come out just as most of the available right now, DA/SA with de-cocker. We may see ones with safeties or SA only in the future. But the first are as is. Its pretty cut and dry in the catalog.

As far as the USG version being all black, I was told once that we would never see one in DA/SA with a de-cocker and manual safety, but now that has changed so anything is possible. If thats your reason for wanting a USG then there is the option to sit around and wait and see what happens, or you can just buy a Single Action only FNP, which is available in all black.

I guess I see nothing wrong with Flat Dark Earth. I am really liking Tan colors on my firearms, preferably more of a coyote color. I just sent my stripped down Remington 870 in for Coyote Duracoat. I live in Minnesota, and where as there are no deserts, the tan still blends into most outdoor surroundings better then black. Since there is no appeal I should have no problem getting my greedy hands on an FNP40 and 45 USG.

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