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I held both today, they are both big chunky guns, you can't defy physics when dealing with a double stack 45. The G21SF was OK but I did prefer the FNP. I also prefer DA/SA to the Glock "safe" action. The agressive checkering on the FNP should help minimize the gun squirming around, if not grate your skin after a long session - but I like it. Near the top of the grip, the G21SF finger grooves don't line up with my fingers very well, however, the feel is slightly better than the regular G21. I also held the G30SF today, now THAT felt good in my hand - not sure why it felt so much better than the G21SF. I'll likely buy the FNP45 within the next few months...it's worth a shot.
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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