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Here we go. I will let the pics with captions do most of the data and talking.
Shot a total of 350 rounds so far. CAUTION: Do not use reload crap on the FNP45 unless you know for sure it's the good stuff (at least that's my experience with this particular reload, anyway). This particular reload's ejecting case kept getting caught by the returning slide, with the new round getting hung up midway as it enters chamber. However, the factory stuffs all worked without a hitch.
Negative: The slide release is quite small and takes a little bit to get used to.
Positive: Extremely comfortable and controllable to shoot. I even managed to get a few rounds of Corbon 230 gr JHP +P thru it (not shown), no problem. Felt like I was shooting a 9mm.
I have mentioned elsewhere that I really like the FNP45's grip, especially using the flat backstrap. I do not like the G21/21SF or the XD45's grip. You jusr have to try it out for yourself.
Overall, I am extremely pleased with the FNP45. 43 rounds of .45 ACP at your immediate disposal, man, what more can you ask for? :shock:

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