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I love my FNS-40 so I am on the look out for the compact version but right now hard to find unless it's online and I need to see one first. Anyway I work at an Air Force base and the BX can get one for $495 tax free. That is a great price but I am one that prefers a safety and this one does not have a safety. My question is did this gun just hit the market since they are hard to find? All my guns have a safety so I hate to get one that does not have that but dang that's a good price! They can not get a safety version as of now.
$495 tax free is pretty good but I just ordered one with the safety for $447 tax free and no shipping. I ordered it on 4-2-15 and it gets in today...so 3 business days which is pretty good. The only exception to no taxes are if you live in Colorado or another state that even taxes out of state firearms purchases like Nevada (which I do....f^%ing Nevada). But here's a link to it:

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