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It may happen eventually if FN has the production capacity, but an FNS in a 45 caliber would be some major retooling and redesign for them, and probably not nearly as profitable as one would hope. Nearly all law enforcement agencies have moved away from the 45 in favor of the 9mm or 40 caliber for numerous and various reasons, so the LE contacts wouldn't exactly incentivize the action. As far as potential military contracts, few militaries want striker fired sidearms; in the case of the US DoD regulation requires hammer fired with either a decocker or manual safety, so for that market, the current FNP-45 already meets all criteria. The thought process in most militaries is that no one wants to take "toy guns" (aka striker-fired polymer) into battle. While the FNS was designed (in part) to break through that perceptional barrier, until inroads are made, you likely won't see an FNS in a 45 caliber; the sales just wouldn't be there to justify the re-engineering and production costs.
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