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This post is just to help spread a little info I couldn't find on the internet. Maybe the next guy/gal won't have to look so hard.

I liked the reviews I saw and I got a sick deal, so I bought a FNS-9 police trade in that actually turned out to be brand spanking new. Lucky me. I couldn't find much info on duty holsters for the FNS-9 when I searched, so that bummed me out.

Fro work, I'm required to have basketweave, but I wanted to keep my TLR-1 on it and I like Bianchi, but their choices were pretty limited. It was mid or high ride and I prefer the low ride. (Finding out its easy to swap parts to make it low ride now.)

I had read on the web that Glock 17/19 holsters were fitting, but could be snug. When it finally came home, I test fit all of my kydex holsters at home. I was amazed to find out that the FNS-9 fit my Glock 30/21 holsters like a glove. IWB, OWB, Serpa, Blade Tech, Comp-Tac, Fobus, it didn't matter. I was psyched and took it to work to test out duty holsters. You could have knocked me down with a feather. The FNS-9 fit my Glock 21 duty holster like a glove. Hell, it fit better than my Glock 21 to be honest.

Just so the details are there, I wear a Bianchi 6365 Series holster. Mine is the STX-hardshell, basketweave, right hand draw. The complete past number is: 6365-3832-481. This holster fits and locks for damn sure. Another series, may not fit, but that would be up to you to test.
The mag release on the right (exposed) side of the gun is out in the open and could be accidental popped, releasing your mag. Not cool if you need it and your mag is gone.

I tried the 6280 and 6285 series holsters for the Glock 17/22 and found that they were pretty snug. The ALS mechanisms catch and they stay locked in, but the draw was awkward. Too tight and it felt like you were pulling it out of cold syrup. Would they work in a serious pinch? Absolutely! Would I want to trust it day in and day out? No.

Next, I tried it in my buddy's Blackhawk Epoch 3 holster, with the TLR-1 attached. The FNS-9 fit the Blakchawk Eoch 3 holster very well and drew fine, just like my Bianchi. It a had the slightest bit of rattle, but nothing I'd worry about. His Holster was part #: 44E013BW-R

Didn't fit my Sig 226 9mm holsters.... or my J frames :lol:

I apologize for repeating the whole "FNS-9" and holster names over and over, but I want any future internet/forum searchers, to be able to locate this info fairly easy.

Please, if you have more holster compatibility, or incompatibility information, please share it here for the next people searching.

P.S. I'm not paid by anyone in the gun/holster/gear business.

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Thank you for all of the information. I have several of the FNS-9's and finding a holster can be a real pain. In addition to the ones for a G30/21 that you have pointed out, is the full size M&P stuff. I actually have one of the Gould and Goodrich pancakes that I really like that fits my FNS-9 very well that is made for an M&P.
Another nice fit is the Bianchi Professional 100 in size 12. That is probably my "go to" holster for quick runs to the store or just out and about "casually".
Thanks again for the information that you have provided as I am sure that a lot of people will benefit from it.
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