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FNS-9 Review, Takedown, Trigger job

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Sights are out there:

Dave Sevigny by Warren Tactical (my current setup)

Trijicon HD night sights (my old setup)

Ameriglo makes multiple types from standard black, fiber or night sights.

I hope that XS and Truglo catch on soon, I'd love to see some TFO's on an FNS
Its hard for me to upload vids I have .5mpbs internet out here
I can sell/install you Hughesnet internet so you can get rolling faster with uploads haha
Dont have TV either.

Ive got a farm and nobody runs any cable wires or whatever down the road. also dead spot for signal for phones so Im SOL basically for everything.
Look into HughesNet, its internet by satellite also available with phone service.
1 - 3 of 13 Posts
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