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FNS-9 series - my next pistol?

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So, what's your favored FNS-9, original, long slide, or compact? I plan on purchasing an FNS-9, just not sure which one to get. Honestly, I really like features of all three. I own a Glock 27 (with a LW 40/9 conversion barrel in addition to the .40 barrel), Glock 19, and Glock 17 (...and a few other pistols). While I'm an unabashed Glock fan, FNH has a real winner with the FNS series. I'm really leaning towards the FNS-9 long slide, as it would complement my Glock collection, vs. competing with a particular model. However, I see advantages towards any of the three FNS-9 models.
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To me the full size FNS 9 is small enough to conceal. You have a bigger capacity than the compact. To me you have more options you can do with the full size
The compact and standard both have 17+1 capacity. The latter does have marginally more sight radius and velocity, and the backstrap is slightly different at the heel of the grip if using the humped back strap on the former. Those differences will matter to some people but not others. If the differences don't matter, then the full-size will simply be a gun most people can't conceal as often as the compact.
I struggled between a compact and full-size, but I'm glad I went with the compact. It feels like a bigger gun that the Glock 26/27s. I was planning on getting a full-size eventually so that I could carry this as a backup, but at this point, I think I'd be better off getting a long slide for rangetime, or a second compact because it's really that good.
1 - 2 of 12 Posts
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