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FNS 9 Trigger

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So everywhere I go I hear about this jamming trigger thing pre 2013. So I bought one and it was made in 2012, it does do the trigger s*** who cares I don't plan on pushing trigger forward when shooting. But has FN addressed this issue, and what is the cause of the problem. Thanks for reading!
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Ok so I had a day with the cousin, and I pushed the trigger forward just like the FNS on his G19. Well I was surprised to see that the same thing happen to his slide and locked up. So I felt a little better, it was a little harder to push his trigger forward cause of the tension of the spring. But it did the same thing, so who every found this out had too much time on their hands.
Near as most of us can tell, it's the trigger safety. Push the trigger forward too far and it catches on the frame.

Incidentally, I have a 2012 model as well, and I can only partially replicate the "lock up" as some seem to like to call it. To generate the issue by impacting the barrel you have to use far more force than anyone in their right mind would EVER put on the firearm (ball peen hammer at full swing, anyone?) at which point it is remotely possible to jar the FGC and cause the trigger to come forward and lock against the frame. Mine can easily be powered through by manipulating the slide, or the other option that takes even less effort is placing your index finger behind the trigger and gently pulling with your middle finger until the trigger disengages from the frame.
What was the fix that FN did for this?
1 - 3 of 6 Posts
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