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Thought I would let you guys know how it went. I Have seen several range reports on the FNS9C but not on the 40C. I own a FNS40 and I love it but it's too big for a carry gun so I decided to buy the compact version. I can definitely say it was a great experience shooting the 40C. I put 150 rounds of Remington 180gr with out FTF or FTE, the slide locked back every time. The pistol felt great shooting it. I was apprehensive at first when I bought it because of recoil but I also wanted a caliber larger than a 9mm. I also have plenty of ammo in 40 s&w so I figured it was the right choice. To my surprise the recoil wasn't a problem for me. I actually liked it, but then again I like shooting .40 cal. I did double tap a few times and I was getting about 1 inch apart on target. I will say it's not as accurate as the full size. Grouping was within a 1" - 1 1/2" and about 1/2" off to the south of target. I would say it's not bad at all. In a real life situation you'll still be on target. The trigger felt good and seemed to feel better the more I shot it. My only complaint is when you eject the mag. It sticks and you need help it out. If you are in a situation where it requires for you to swap the mag you could be SOL. For a carry gun on a scale of 1-10, 10 being the best, I would grade it a 9. It would of scored a 10 if the mag wouldn't stick.

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