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After having run around 200 rounds of 460 Rowland through my FNX 45 conversion the lens on my Burris fastfire 3 shattered! Burris replaced it rather quickly no questions asked, and covered shipping both ways! Anybody else have that problem? The two main reasons I chose the Burris fastfire 3 was because it fits without the adapter plates, and also the cost. I found it to be a rather impressive RMR, it never changed POA or POI. For the time being I just put it on my other FNX Tactical,but would like to know if anyone can help with this particular issue?
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Johnny Rowland, Tulsa Oklahoma. However you're looking for 1911 work I highly recommend Clark custom.(if you can get it in) they are all extremely busy including Rowland!
Rowland supplied 2 new Springs, overall I'm very happy with it except for that RMR issue. The Rowland compensator works very well. Anything less than.460 it won't even rack the slide. Might be interested in trying that DPM spring.BTW what went wrong with that Springfield that you're not happy with?
FTF FTE and the bullets tumbled when it would go bang. Accuracy was pitiful when it did function. Worked on it for months, two expert gunsmiths and pistol marksmen examined it, and ended up punting on it after JR gave up. Have a bunch (> 1K) of 460 Rowland HP rounds sealed if you know anyone who needs any.
It sucks to hear that! I hope that they made it right by you, they seem like nice people over there. I haven't had any problems with my f n x other than that RMR, runs like a racehorse. But as you know rather expensive to play with! I would be interested in any remaining ammo you have, but I do not know how to go about it without causing problems on the Forum. I'm rather new to this, and have caused waves before!
No problem if you know how to do it, I don't! Also I have seen those DPM Springs before, just not sure they build one with the velocity necessary for that 460.
1 - 5 of 12 Posts
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